WikMail – An alternate to Incredimail

Current Version: Build 1777
Download file size: 23.5 MB
Click here to download.

WikMail is reliable. With its outstanding performances and accuracy, you get the certainty to receive and send all your
e-mails the way it should be. WikMail is the solution for all your e-mail needs. WikMail is the future… NOW!

Solid and Secure! WikMail strong and unique technology is making thousands of happy users who have been enjoying a rock solid program for years.

Get well protected with our Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Tracing filters and many internal functions.

Beautify your e-mails! Send attractive e-mails with stationeries and by adding Smilies, Postcards, Stamps, Voice msg, Sticky notes, Webcam snapshots, Crazy text, Sounds, Karaoke and much more…

An impressive collection of tools is helping you to manage all your e-mails…
To receive and send well formatted e-mails with multimedia content
and to achieve many others tasks without the need to use external programs.

An Integrated Viewer is included. You can view almost any kind of attachment without using external viewers… incuding compressed files like .zip and .rar

A Stationery Creator, a Postcards Creator and a Mascots Creator are included.
You can create your own creative content. Like eye catching stationeries to use
with your e-mails or personalize the one’s that already exist.

The WikMail community is ever growing. Thousands of Stationeries, Postcards, Smilies and others addons are available for your fun and pleasure.

Cool Features!
Animated Mascots
The animated mascots can be displayed with either of the e-Mails Checker and the Mail Client.
They can be resized for your convenience.
Our mascots collection continue to grow regulary.
Check for new mascots and/or others addons at WikGraph
or visit our affiliates web sites and WikMail’s users web sites

More notifiers…
• You can choose Microsoft Agent™ talking characters to get announcements by voice!
• Sounds… sounds of your choice.
• Popup windows with a resume of all your e-emails.
• and more…

Unleash your creativity and beautify your e-Mails with Backgrounds and Stationery’s

Our Stationery’s collection continue to grow regulary.
Check for our new Stationary’s at WikGraph

And do not forget to visit:
• Our affiliates web sites and
WikMail’s users web sites who share with all a ton a nice addons for WikMail.

Postcards (Ecards)
Offers your best wishes by adding TRUE Postcards with your text on the Postcards.
You can even embed a photo onto the Postcards.

WikMail generate the Postcard pictures “on the fly” and add it in to your e-mails.
It’s an unique feature never seen in an e-mails program.

To get more Postcards, please visit:
• Our affiliates web sites and
• WikMail’s users web sites who share with all a ton a nice addons for WikMail.

Smilies and Avatars
Express your feelings by adding Smilies and Avatars into your e-Mails.

Our smilies are just correctly well sized to fit in your e-Mails without bloating the whole message. They are so cute! Make your e-Mails more interesting by using them!

To get more…
Softray’s GetSmile are offering Smilies Packs especially done for WikMail
They are offered at a real low bargain price. Don’t miss this Chance!

WikMail is even more useful with…

• The Daily Planner with repetitive events.
• The ToDo list and planner.
• Weather with 5 days forecast.
• RSS feeds scroller.
• Export e-Mails to PDF (In Mailboxes and Message Editor).
• Diagrams Designer.
• Images Editor and Scanner.
• Web page grabber and thumbnailer with embed into messages with link.
• Backup and Restore tools.
• TimeZone Clocks with world map. Even TimeZone Clocks on toolbars.
• e-Mails Translator (Mailboxes and Message Editor).
• and more…

Because WikMail is different!
For true! WikMail is a program that is evolving, ALWAYS! … From months to months … From years to years.

It is not the same old soup seen since age and presented in a different bowl every year.
WikMail is a program well adapted to the reality of our days and the new needs.

• A Strong Database technology
WikMail is using a single specialized database to store all your datas and e-mails.

Even with thousands of messages in your mailboxes, WikMail allways run fresh and fast without more RAM requirement and computer slow down. The program start fast today and it will start fast later… whatever the conditions.

• Self contained
The program do not use the registry. WikMail never bloat and slowdown your system.

Nothing is spread all over the disks of your system. All is contained in it main directory and sub-directories. No more headaches to find where your files and e-mails are located. And, it’s easy to make backup and restore, or install your WikMail on another computer. Btw, the program include Backup and Restore tools.

• Portability
WikMail requires to have some specialized DLL’s installed and registered on your system. These files are installed and registered when you install the program. This help to speedup to loading processes (WikMail load in less than 3 seconds) and because they are shared files, this also require less RAM.

They are not explicitely required to let WikMail run fine!
If a required DLL is missing or if the version of a DLL is outdated, by using an unique technology, WikMail literally virtualize it’s own DLL’s… on demand! Even a Flash Reader. This mean you can also run WikMail on any portable media. Like USB Ram Key or USB external drive.

A nice example of use… You need to cary your e-mails program with you in order to get them elsewhere. You only have to copy your whole WikMail directory to an USB portable device and that’s all! You can receive and send your e-mails from any host computer without leaving traces on that computer.

• Intuitive
WikMail is quite different from any other e-mail program.

All is built and accessible in an intuive way. All over the program the terms are intuitive.

As example: – Folders are… Folders. They contain Mailboxes and/or other folders only.
– Mailboxes are… Mailboxes. They contain mails (e-mails) only.

It’s normal? Not sure! The other programs allow to throw e-mails in folders. That’s wrong!
What will you say if your postman throw your mails into the driveway?

Because the datas are not string attached to a hard disk structure, WikMail folder’s are purely virtuals. They are only containers that allow to organize your mailboxes in a way that fit your needs. In fact, the Folders can be destroyed without the lost of a single e-mails.

• Stable and Secure
Even is WikMail always look like new, this e-mail program is available since more than 10 years!

Over the years, everything have changed. The only thing that have not changed is our commitment to provide a stable and a secure program to our users. That was our promise and it’s still. We fulfill it!

Our technologies has been well proven over the years. WikMail is a stable program!

SCREENSHOTS are available.

Click here to download.

WikMail in 2009… Revamped!
We are proud to bring you an all new and revamped version of WikMail.
As usual, since years, you are hearing at our users suggestions in order to offers them the program they want.

So, for 2009…
• The interfaces are revamped in order to make WikMail more easy to use.
• New features are added in order to make the program more profitable.
• In depth optimizations to make the program smaller and even faster.
• A new and unique technology that make the program really portable.
• New advanced features like having many Address Books, new Multimedia contents, etc…

New Interfaces

We are now using specialized Toolbars and colored Tabs with color schemes.

Unique technology for Portability

WikMail can run on any computer even if DLL’s are missing or are outdated.
If you want to use WikMail on a USB portable disk and RAM key.. you can!

By using an unique technology, WikMail check the existence of the required DLL’s and also check for their version in order to see if they are outdated. When required, WikMail literaly virtualize it’s own DLL’s and will run perfectly without any problems.

Discover what an innovative e-mails should be.

WikMail is optimized to reside on your desktop all day long without hogging computer resources and RAM memory. The mail checker will check all your mail accounts but will not download the E-mails. Because only a check is done, the procedure is lightweight, fast and almost transparent.

Check Intervals
• Check interval according to each mail account setting
• Fixed interval for all mail acounts
Play .wav sounds
Blink traybar icon
Show an MSN style scrolling window
Display WikMail mascots with animations
Display Microsoft Agent™ talking characters
Send an SMS message to cellular phone
Super Notifier
Allows you to read a single message, delete or send a reply without downloading
all the messages to your mailboxes in the mail client.
Weather Forecast
WikMail displays the current weather and a 7 day forecast.
The forecast is displayed with scrolling text and in a full detailed window.

WikMail is a modern E-mail program which uses the latest advanced technologies in order to provide outstanding performances, accuracy, real reliabilities and the certainty to access all your E-mail accounts at any time. The multi-threaded and asynchronous procedures offer outstanding performances.

Compatible with POP3, IMAP, SMTP, HTTP and RSS protocols
• IMAP: Direct access to all folders via the “Advanced Access” module
• HTTP: E-mails received via external procs. (Hotmail™, ™ and others)
• RSS: Choice to display the RSS Feeds or formatted full content
Anti-SPAM, Anti-Phishing and base protection
• Automated statistics Bayesian filter of high accuracy
• Keywords filtering on addresses, headers, subjects and message content
• Secured white list
• Protection against active and executable elements within messages
The core of Internet Explorer® is use to display emails
Tabs with full view of:
• All attached files and embedded images
• Full details of each message header
• Message source with syntax highlights
• Separate CC and BCC recipients list

Embedded viewer for all attached files
• Allows you to view any attached files without opening them in a default application
• Compatible with multimedia files (sound, music and video)
• Display fully formatted HTML and EML files
• Display all text files with syntax highlights when available

Speed search and filtered search with many criterias
Export and Import
• Import and export messages from/to EML files
• Save messages (or browser) to JPG images
• Import and export address book from/to CSV files and others
Custom colors with settings
• Messages grid according to dates, marks, addresses, rules, etc…
• Highlight of defined words (or phrases) in messages
• Choice of font’s name and their properties
Daily Planner
A complete daily planner with choice of days display or month display is embedded. Custom colors for each item. Repetitive events available for each item. Choice of fonts and properties for items. Items can be an alarm. This daily planner has all that is needed.

You can write eye catching messages which will grab your recipients attention. A full palette of tools lets you format your text and choose any addons with a single mouse click. The stationeries collection is ever growing and can be downloaded them from a wide variety of web sites. They are easy to install and easy to choose from the “Click’nGo!” list with mouse over thumbnail preview.

True WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor
Pure HTML compliant. Your messages can be read by any decent program
Stationeries for message
• Easy selection with thumbnail previews
• Custom selection with treeview and simple “DragDrop” operations
• Large choice from an ever growing collection
Thousands of smilies to choose from
• Resizeable dropdown window
• Grouped packages list
• Viewer with animated smilies
• Great and affordable smilies packages from GetSmile
Greeting Cards
• Embedded text with font properties
• Add photos or images… resizeable with position

Editable Sticky notes
• Floating anywhere within the message or fixed
• Transparent or Opaque
• Pre-defined or created with a wizard

Browser for easy insertion of images
• Display thumbnails, list, details
• Browse local library and system wide
• Floating and/or fixed
• Transparent, opaque, resizeable
Embedded multimedia
• Voice recorder (very small .wav files)
• Voice message inserted anywhere in messages
• Background sounds and positioned images with sound
• Webcam snapshots
Color markers for text
Live message size indicator with oversize warnings
Macro recorder
• Record text snippets to be inserted anywhere in message
Letter templates
• Create your own letter templates

Diagrams designer
Design diagrams with flowchart items, lines, arrows and insert them as images in your messages. Custom colors and fonts for each parts.

Using this wizard, it’s a snap to create eye catching stationeries for your messages or personalize any existing one. The ever growing quantity of web sites related to WikMail and stationery artists for WikMail make thousands of stationeries available for your own uses.

Wizard with more than 12 fully customizables sections
Transparency and text effects supported
Import from HTML, EML and Zip files
Export to Zip with the built-in self installer
Background sounds and music supported
Full manual coding available with syntax highlight editor
Real time preview

WikMail includes many tools to make your tasks easy

International clocks with timezone
• Display five simultaneous clocks with different timezones
• Each clock has its own settings for city and colors
• World map with hints that display city’s local times
Signature tools
• Unlimited signature types
• Signature defined in HTML with links and images
• Wizard to create image signatures (animated or not)
• Hand written signatures
Backup and restore tools with wizards
Directories cleanup for images and attached files
Database optimization tools
Music player compatible with all music file formats
Dialup for Internet connection with repeat counter
• and many more…


The best way to master WikMail is through experience. From time to time, we’ll post new tips and tricks on this page that will help you use WikMail to its fullest. These tips and tricks can be about undocumented features. We suggest you visit us from time to time and have a look at this section.
Have fun!
• Shortcut to open a message in full view With your mouse cursor over the message preview or over the message grid, press “CTRL / ENTER” to open the message in full view and/or resize to the normal size.

• Resend a message previously sent with success Right click the message, if this one is a message already sent, the choice “Send again” will be available in the popup menu.

• How to identify a message received and a message sent. In the pmessage preview, the header color of a message sent is lighter.
And, the message border is twice larger than the border of the received message.

• How to have the details of every message received in the mail checker Click the number of message in the mail checker screen 8 emails). A window will display the detail of every message received and/or every errors encountered if any.
Within this window, you have some choices:
a) To send a quick reply, click the email address.
b) Right click the email in order to have some choices to add the current message in the Anti-Spam tools.

• In the mail client, check only one or some email accounts. Below the mailbox list, click on the choice to display the mail accounts list. Choose one or many accounts and right click the list to open the popup menu. Choose “Check selected accounts”

• How to display the news from WikMail in the mail client. Press the function key F9 (toggle) to display the WikMail news or not


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