Ahe Dayamaya Biswa Bihari…



R.K. Nanda – The journey from Ahedayamaya to Sansar

Ramkrushna Nanda was born on 15th of February 1906, in small village in Orissa called Bairoi and the struggle began just there. When he was just fourteen his father Madhusudan Nanda died. His education began in a temporary school in Kantapada and later on came to Cuttack to join Revenshwa Collegiate school. There he wrote the first article of his life in his school magazine Chandrika.

The struggle for independence was just starting at that time. In Orissa it was Pundit Gopobandhu who had taken the leadership. Ramakrushna was very much inspired by Gopabandhu and joined the freedom struggle by leaving the school and started working as a Swecha Sebaka. He stayed in Alkasrama and from that day Mahatma Gandhi and Ramakrushna Paramhansa became his role model.

He then met Pundit Nilakantha Das, who inspired him to pursue his studies at Satybadi Jatiya Bidyalaya. There he learnt Devnagiri. At an early age of nineteen he was in to his first job at a monthly salary of twenty rupess. At this age he got married to Soudamini Devi.

At that time only English medium schools run by British government was recognized. So Ramakrushna had to appear two matric exams, one for Satyabadi school and another for the English medium school. To meet his expenses he started few tutions. He enrolled for both master in arts and law. But financial problems compelled him to start working as a teacher in Banki School. He then joined Baripada School as an assistant teacher. In 1933 Orissa witnessed one of the most devastating floods, and Ramakrushna got himself in to the rescue work. In his village Bairoi he started a social organization called Narayan Samiti.

After working for six years at the Baripada high school he came back to Cuttack to do B.Ed. He came back to Baripada after one year and wrote Oriya text book Shitya Sopana. He left his job at Baripada and joined as the head master in Bhingarpur high school. In 1946 he left this job and came back to Cuttack. On 21st of July 1947 Ramakrushna started his own press Parijata. In 1951 he lost his mother. August 1952, Sansar magazine’s first issue was out. But in 1961 due to some problems between the management and workers he had to shut down the press. Taking a off from business he got more time for his writings, and in this time some beautiful stories and songs for children came from his pen. By this time he was a public figure and was leading a hectic life, attending meetings, writing books and at the same time managing his big family of eight daughters, one son and many grandchildren.

On 13th August 1988 he lost his partner Mrs. Saudamini Devi. It was a heartbreaking separation. But his passion for work never ended even if he was getting old. Before his last illness he was still working on the second edition of Biswa Parichaya. On October the 28th 1994 the warrior in Ramkrushna Nanda went to sleep for ever. In his life time Ramakrushna Nanda has done many things and his life teaches the new generation hundreds of new values. He will be a source of inspiration for all of us forever……..

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